We mainly deal with the following items from Asian countries to the Japanese Market.

1) Himalayan Coffee

Being outside of the coffee growing belt of the Earth, the unique autumn of the Himalayan ranges of mountains, 800 to 1,600 meters above sea level and 26to 27north latitudes with the dry and chilling cold climate as well as with the unique soil property, enrich coffee with a special aroma.

The Himalayan coffee plantation is cultivated by small sized local farmers, who are carefully taking care of coffee trees in the virgin and steep landscape under shade. The coffee farmers do not apply chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in their coffee plantation. The coffee is shade-grown and birds friendly. Coffee growing hills receive the special property to add unique fragrance with the snowy mountains of the Himalayan ranges.

2) Honey from Chiuri, butter tree of Nepal

Nepal is a country which possesses one of the highest concentration and distribution of biodiversity including the highest floral habitat of the world.
The flavour and aroma of honey is determined by the kind of flowers from which the bees collect nectar.  We have selected pure honey, bottled under the control of international standard, from Chiuri, butter tree of Nepal, which is prized for delicious taste and special flavour with a golden smooth texture.